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Maggie’s Farm October 5, 2010

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Description: Roast turkey breast, cranberry sauce, lettuce and aoli dressing, on ciabatta bread
Price: $6.95
Vegetarian? No
Hot or Cold?  Cold

As you probably gathered simply by reading the description, this sandwich was like Thanksgiving on two slices of bread.  All it needed was mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.  The cranberry sauce was pretty good and incredibly sweet.  I liked it, but it wasn’t my favorite.  I think there was too much bread, but I also think I was in a really cheesy mood at that time and the lack of melty muenster wasn’t helping Maggie’s plight.  I wouldn’t order this on ciabatta bread next time; maybe multigrain would even out the proportions a little more.  Personally, I’ll be ordering something melty and cheesy next time, but don’t rule it out because of me; I know lots of people who love this sandwich!



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Description: Turkey, mushrooms, parsley-garlic dressing and melted Muenster on a bialy.
Price: $6.95
Vegetarian? No
Hot or Cold?  Hot

Ok.  I’m ordering this one again.  Many, many times.  I didn’t order it on a bialy, I got a it on a Rosemary Salt.  I know that this is Lindsey’s post, and I am so sorry to steal your thunder because you were absolutely delicious, but I really must take a sentence or two to describe how yummy Rosemary Salt bagels are.  They’re so yummy they deserve to be capitalized.  I’m in the hotel school, and at my first Program Manager meeting for Hotel Ezra Cornell we got into quite a tangent about these babies; and trust me, hotelies know their bagels.  They almost reminded me of giant soft pretzels, but more doughy and herby.  There’s big chunks of salt and bits of rosemary baked into them.  They are a great complement to the savory sandwiches.  I’ll devote a post to them soon.

But, back to the main attraction: Lindsey’s.  The bagel was hot and toasty, the cheese was melted just perfectly, and there was just the right amount of mushrooms.  It didn’t feel too heavy, but I still got that warm, comfort food feeling from it since it was cheesy and warm.  It’s a pretty simple sandwich but the mushrooms/garlic-parsely dressing make it just fancy enough to be different from your normal turkey and cheese.  This was one of my favorites so far.


Chicken/Tuna Melt

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Description: Chicken salad or tuna salad with tomato and melted swiss on a bagel
Price: $6.50
Vegetarian? No
Hot or Cold?  Hot

This one is a pretty classic choice; I ordered mine on a whole wheat bagel.  The open faced bagels are my favorite; I feel like they give you more of the yummy toppings this way.  The chicken salad was a little too mayonaise-y for me, but I’m pretty particular about my mayo based dishes.  The combo of a mayo based salad and cheese made it pretty rich and heavy, but definately still good.  And sometimes, when it is a rainy, gross Ithaca day, a nice, rich, toasty, cheesy, messy bagel is just the perfect thing.  If you want something more normal and less exotic, I recommend this bagel.


San Diego September 28, 2010

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Description: Bagel with cream cheese and raspberry jalapeno spread
Price: $3.00
Vegetarian? Yes
Hot or Cold?  Hot

You have not lived until you have tried a San Diego.  I don’t care how much of a bagel connoisseur you think you are; San Diegos are the type of bagel that make you distinctly remember your first bite, what you wear wearing when it happened, who you were with, and what the weather was like outside.  This was not my first San Diego (that happened on a Friday night around 1:30 in the morning, and I was wearing a blue dress), but it was just as delicious.  I was incredibly skeptical about this “raspberry jalapeno spread” of theirs, but it is so fantastic.  It’s mostly sweet but with just a little bit of heat to make it a completely amazing experience.  I got mine on a honey wheat bagel, and also ordered a fruit cup with it since it was breakfast.  Eating the strawberrys and pears with it was awesome; not to ruin the simple elegance of the San Diego but if CTB offered another version of the bagel with fresh fruit on top I would definitely buy that.  I think there is a open niche in their specialty menu for more sweet options, which brings me to my other point: San Diegos are great choices when you are craving something sweet rather than savory.  Also, at $3 it is one of their cheapest specialty menu items.  I think the closest food I can compare a San Diego to would be a raspberry danish, with the cream cheese/raspberry combo.  Please, please, please try this sandwich.


Novie & The Eggs September 24, 2010

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Description: Egg salad, lox, and red onion open faced on a bagel

Price: $8.35

Vegetarian? Yes (has fish and eggs)

Hot or Cold? Cold

Bagels and lox is so classic.  Bagel, cream cheese, and smoked salmon is such a perfect flavor combination; you have creamy and sweet; oily, salty and savory; and then of course the clean, doughy deliciousness that is a bagel.  My favorite lox bagel normally includes capers and sliced tomatoes, but this was a great take on the classic as well.  I picked a whole wheat bagel, which they piled high with a layer of cream cheese, egg salad, thinly sliced red onion, and smoked salmon.  Since it’s a cold sandwich, they were pretty quick about bringing up the order.  The egg and salmon combo was interesting, but I think in this situation simpler would be better.  Oh, and bring gum or mints if you plan on ordering this.  You’ll need it.


The Sunrise

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Description: Scrambled eggs with avocado, red onion and melted Pepper Jack cheese on a plain bagel

Vegetarian? Yes (has eggs)

Price: $4.50

Hot or Cold? Hot

I’m a sucker for anything with avacado.  Really.  You could put it on styrafoam, I’ll eat it.  This one was a pretty good breakfast sandwich; I’m not really one for greasy breakfast sandwiches, so this appealled to me because it had more of a fresh and healthy taste.  Avacado, red onions, pepperjack cheese, and egg.  Yumm.  The onions were a little strong though; bring some mints people!   Our waitress got a little lost bringing us our order, so we got a free coffee, which was nice.  Overall, good review.



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Description: Egg salad and bacon piled on top of a bagel


Vegetarian? No

Hot or Cold? Hot

I’m not normally a huge bacon person, but I really enjoyed this one.  The egg salad was a nice twist on the typical scrambled egg bagel topping.  And sometimes, simple is just way better.  A nice breakfast bagel.  CTB definately came through with this one.